Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Getting moving...

Sometimes I think it's the getting off my ass that is the hardest...  Why is exercising so brutal at first?? Why is it so hard to find the motivation??  So many excuses.. so easy to come by!!!
Last night I went for a nice walk up City Creek Canyon with two of my girlies, and boy did I get my ass kicked!!   We walked 2 miles... it was 100* out and blazing hot!!  We all started at talking, but about 15 minutes in, I was just listening or adding one or two words.. I was so winded and just concentrating on my breathing.  I started to get some weird pain above my right ankle that went upwards.. I wasn't sure if it was from walking on a weird angle.. or from just being out of shape.  At one point I thought, I can't do this anymore... but kept up the pace with Andrea and Nicki.
My heel started to hurt and I could feel myself start limping.  I made it maybe 10 more minutes and told them I couldn't go any further.  I felt really stupid to have to tell them this... but the pain was starting to be unbearable.  We turned around and headed back down... I was trying to drink some water, but couldn't.. I'd just have to fill my mouth, swoosh it around and spit it out.  I started feeling really sick.  I just kept picturing those people on The Biggest Loser throwing up... I thought, this is going to be me any second!!  We made it back down to our cars that were parked at Memory Grove.  I took my sneakers off to find that my shoe had wore off the skin above my heel.  No wonder my foot was hurting!!  We said our goodbyes and I got in the car to see how beet red my face was... and I mean BEET RED!!  I kept feeling really sick... once I got to my parents to pick up Alijah, it was worse... I still couldn't drink any water.  I thought maybe after I cooled down it wouldn't be so bad.  Once I got home I started getting a pounding headache.. I took a shower, made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, took some ibuprofen and got in bed.  The headache had to be the worst one I've ever had... and I get some pretty bad ones!  I finally started feeling better about 11.  Today I feel great.. other than my heel, which is just annoying at this point.  I'm going to go home and get on the elliptical and see how that feels.  I'm sure that too, will kick my ass!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back to old habits...

  That is one of the easiest and scariest things for me.. going back to hold habits!!  I've found myself doing this over the past 3 weeks.. it's crazy how fast something can slip out of control and you just run with it.  We didn't have a weigh in last week due to the 24th festivites, so I was really dreading going yesterday to weigh in.  It wasn't too bad..... I had gained .4lbs, but then I think.. that could've been a loss you jack ass!!  I've some how managed to maintain my 11lbs lost, and I find myself looking back already and thinking how fast that went by.. and I should've been doing better, lost more... etc..etc...   I was feeling overwhelmed and letting the self loathing sink in.  I was already talking myself out of resigning up for Weight Watchers at work, when I got a comment from Heather (hi Heather!)  It really was just what I needed to hear!!  She had a great point that I had to sit and let resonate for a bit.  If I hadn't started doing this.. who knows what I could've gained by now and where I'd be.  So I'll pull up my big girl undies (I hate the word panties) and start getting back on track... focus on more fruits and veggies... whole grains and such.. and the big thing.. get my ass moving!!! 

Thanks again, Heather...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekly weigh in...

I was afraid to weigh in yesterday after the weekend of indulgences!!  Friday I was able to help my friend Mindi out with her 5 week old twin girls, Norah and Molly.  I don't know how she does it... it is a bit crazy over there with the twins and her 3 year old, Ruby.  She is an amazing mom and it was fun to get to hang out with them for the afternoon.  Before going over there I stopped at Cafe Rio and got us some lunch.  I decided to go for a chicken tostada thinking it is smaller than the salad, and doesn't have the 500 calorie tortilla.  The girls were a bit fussy so I didn't get a chance to eat it all.. now I know how Mindi feels! :)  We left there about 6:30 and had to rush home and get Alijah ready for some cover-shot pictures her dance studio was doing.  She ended up going with one of her friends for a sleepover from the photo shoot, so I just headed home.
Lincoln and Nate had been hanging out having some beers, so I decided to join them.  After having 4 beers, and not knowing what the calories were I started freaking out. Beers are not the best way to spend on calories.. but boy do they add up fast!  We ran down to the creek and I had a veggie burger.. but instead of my usual veggie burger I had them had jalepeno bottle caps ( I shouldn't be allowed to order food after I've been drinking!)  I just had to have a stein of bud light there... and that is how it all started!!
Saturday I went to Costco with the Mom and was feeling a bit crappy.  I had a mocha freeze while we were there and we split a churro...  we had been talking about the beer consumption and i figured out the calories and about had a heart attack!  What a waste!!!  I won't be doing that again.
I had some meat loaf  and a baked potato with my parents for lunch... lounged around there for a bit and headed home.  Later that night we went and looked at cars, while Alijah slept in the car.  We went to Wingers for dinner, where I ordered a side of mashed potatoes and had one of Lincoln's chicken fingers.
Sunday was Father's Day, so we went to dinner at La Luna.  I had a smothered burrito and half an order of rice.  I wasn't kidding when I said this weekend was a gorge fest!!
After all of this eating I still managed to lose 1.8lbs... with a grand total of 10.2lbs! woot woot...
Here's to a week of cleaner eating!! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Slow is better than Never!

I weighed in yesterday and am down 2 more lbs!!  woot woot!!   I have currently lost 8.6lbs and am so excited!!  Now if I could just kick up my activity level, it would be really awesome! 
Yesterday, in our meeting we had a different leader since Sandy is out of town.  It ended up being my moms leader from her work WW meetings, Deb.  She was great, and I think I may have liked her more than Sandy (don't tell her I said that!) 
A couple people in the meeting feel like they are really struggling and she pointed out that, "slow is better than never" and I couldn't agree more.  On my last round with WW I had lost almost 9lbs in the first week.  I think I had that idea stuck in my head that it would come off that fast this time around.  I just have to keep reminding myself that as long as the weight is coming off, I will be happy for the loss!  So here's to another week of tracking and moving more!

Monday, June 11, 2012

A day early...

Well, it's not weigh in day.. but after the weekend I had, I just had to see what the scale said!
Saturday morning I had to take my dogs to get groomed, so I was up and out of the house at 7:30.  When I got home everyone was still asleep, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to head over to the track at the junior high and do some laps.  I walked 4 laps and then decided to try and run the straights on the last two laps, I thought I was going to die!  Once I walked a bit after the sprints, I felt really great.  I was only planning on doing 3 laps, but as I came up to the end I figured why not just walk one more.  I ended up walking 6 laps and running the straights twice. 
Later that afternoon my mom, Alijah, the doggies, and I spent a few hours in the pool.  It wasn't the warmest of weather, but Alijah was dying to get in there.  After swimming we lounged around a bit we decided it was time for some dinner.  Alijah is obsessed with Yogurtland, so off to Jordan Landing we headed.  She also wanted Noodles and Co for dinner.  I was a bit hesitant, since I have only had pasta once since starting WW and it was whole wheat.  I got on my trusty Fitness Pal app and looked up what was the lesser of the evils.  I ended up sharing with my mom the Penne Rosa with grilled chicken.  After that we went to Yogurtland..... that place could be the death of me!!  On the drive back home I started to get some pretty intense stomach cramping.  I kept thinking, I should've went with something less rich at Noodles. I'll spare you the gory details.. the toilet was my best friend for the next 24 hours!!  I know, TMI!!   So after 4 or 5 glasses of Ginger Ale, which is 90 calories per 8 oz I might add, I was very curious to see what I weighed.  To my surprise, I was down another 3lbs!!!  So here is hoping I can maintain that loss for tomorrows weigh in.. and give the old porcelain throne a break!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

3 Weeks in...

So I'm 3 weeks into the Weight Watchers program (or starting week 4 according to them), and am 6.4lbs down!  woot woot!! I got my first gold star for reaching 5lbs of weight loss... In class we talked about staying motivated over the summer and setting some personal goals to reach by Labor Day.  I would really like to get to my 20% by then.  She said not to go to crazy and set yourself up for disappointment, but I really think that is attainable.  I wish I would've taken my measurements so I could track my progress that way also.  Guess I should do that tonight.

This past weekend all the men in the family were out of town.  We had a nice girls weekend filled with snuggling, movies, hanging with friends, snuggling babies, and some swimming.  I guess I can't really call it swimming, as Alijah decided she was going to be our fitness coach.  You would've thought you were at the Biggest Loser Ranch with the way she was screaming at us.  It was really funny, and a really good work out... I think she's onto a future career!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

becoming a better person...

When I first saw this ecard, I had posted it to facebook, finding it to be very true (truer if you replaced the better with thinner).  After struggling my whole life with weight issues, I figured now is as good of time as any to put this thing to rest... or at least start the long battle to be more healthy.  A few weeks ago, we had a family get together at my parents house. My Cousin John was looking very svelte, and I had commented on how good he was looking.  He told us he had been working out and using the app my fitness pal.  John showed us how it worked and I was very intrigued, I went home and installed it on my iTouch where it sat untouched for weeks.

That next week at work my coworker had said she got an email for federal employees to join weight watchers.  I told her if she wanted to join I'd do it with her.  Last Tuesday was our first meeting, I wasn't really nervous to go since this is my 3rd round joining WW.  When I got there I was surprised to see my last leader, Sandy.  She is a great leader, and it made me more excited about being there.  They had recently changed the plan again, so it made me pay more attention.

I am now one week into this (well, one week and 2 days) and I am down 3.2lbs.  It's nothing monumental.. but I hear slow and steady wins the race!!  So this past week I have been very diligent about tracking all the food that enters my mouth.  It is very eye opening to see just how overboard I was going.  I decided to finally get back onto the fitness pal app and boy was I impressed once I finally started messing around with it.  I started to enter all the foods I had eaten the last few days and was so excited by how easy it was to find food items already entered into their system.  I had bought some rotisserie chicken lunch meat at Costco, but didn't have the nutritional info on it at home and found it easy peasy just buy searching "rotisserie chicken Costco".  I think it makes it fun to look up the foods and have them automatically enter them.  So I've been telling everyone about this cool app, and a few of my friends are already using it!!

So here is to staying on track... being accountable... and shedding some LB's!!