Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Getting moving...

Sometimes I think it's the getting off my ass that is the hardest...  Why is exercising so brutal at first?? Why is it so hard to find the motivation??  So many excuses.. so easy to come by!!!
Last night I went for a nice walk up City Creek Canyon with two of my girlies, and boy did I get my ass kicked!!   We walked 2 miles... it was 100* out and blazing hot!!  We all started at talking, but about 15 minutes in, I was just listening or adding one or two words.. I was so winded and just concentrating on my breathing.  I started to get some weird pain above my right ankle that went upwards.. I wasn't sure if it was from walking on a weird angle.. or from just being out of shape.  At one point I thought, I can't do this anymore... but kept up the pace with Andrea and Nicki.
My heel started to hurt and I could feel myself start limping.  I made it maybe 10 more minutes and told them I couldn't go any further.  I felt really stupid to have to tell them this... but the pain was starting to be unbearable.  We turned around and headed back down... I was trying to drink some water, but couldn't.. I'd just have to fill my mouth, swoosh it around and spit it out.  I started feeling really sick.  I just kept picturing those people on The Biggest Loser throwing up... I thought, this is going to be me any second!!  We made it back down to our cars that were parked at Memory Grove.  I took my sneakers off to find that my shoe had wore off the skin above my heel.  No wonder my foot was hurting!!  We said our goodbyes and I got in the car to see how beet red my face was... and I mean BEET RED!!  I kept feeling really sick... once I got to my parents to pick up Alijah, it was worse... I still couldn't drink any water.  I thought maybe after I cooled down it wouldn't be so bad.  Once I got home I started getting a pounding headache.. I took a shower, made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, took some ibuprofen and got in bed.  The headache had to be the worst one I've ever had... and I get some pretty bad ones!  I finally started feeling better about 11.  Today I feel great.. other than my heel, which is just annoying at this point.  I'm going to go home and get on the elliptical and see how that feels.  I'm sure that too, will kick my ass!!

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